The Great Fabric Frolic

Role: Design & Production

As a child of a seamstress, I was surrounded by fabrics and patterns from a young age. In 2019, my love for fashion and color led me to experiment with printing textiles.

The first test was a linen throw that I printed via a direct-to-garment website. I was so pleased with the result that I decided to try it on actual clothing.

I created colorful patterns from drawings I had made and had ideas for how to make them seamless when printed on fabric. In collaboration with a small factory in Lisbon, I was able to turn my ideas into reality, resulting in a limited production.

Creating the patterns and envisioning how they would look on various garments was a fun process, and I am happy with the final products. Some process and behind-the-scenes shots are shown below.

One pattern is based on poodles, which I drew after visiting Hanoi and noticing how many poodles there were (nobody ever mentions that, only the number of motorbikes; I found the poodles much more interesting). The other pattern is based on a drawing from the pool area of a small beach resort in Koh Mak, Thailand. Before being printed on textiles, this pattern was converted into a screenprint (email me if you’d like to purchase one!). The linen throw is just a colorful foliage extravaganza, one of my favorite things to draw!
This experiment came to a halt after the first batch due to production difficulties (large order quantities are often required by textile printing factories).

My love for fashion remains strong, so perhaps I'll try my hand at digital fashion in the future? ;-)
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